Which Design Aesthetic Are You?

design_aesthetic copy

I just took this silly little design quiz and thought some of y’all might enjoy it too.  My results were a hybrid of Martha Stewart and a basic Gap sweatshirt. Whatever that means? The only answer I was certain about was that I would be a Boxwood if I died and came back as a plant.  Here’s the quiz.




3 thoughts on “Which Design Aesthetic Are You?

  1. That’s a neat quiz. This is what mine said: You got the interior of Restoration Hardware.

    You are an old soul, wrapped up in an enigma, wrapped up in the trappings of the modern world. Like a leather trunk filled with worn maps and tea-stained letters from the Captain, you only get better with age. You prefer the charm of a bygone era and you’ve never given up on the dream of one day living inside of a grandiose library.

    I think they pegged me pretty good, huh? Its kind of crazy…

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