Our Easter Decor


It’s beginning to look like Easter around house. Last Easter our decor was packed in moving boxes so it’s been since Easter 2012 that I’ve seen all of our eggs and bunnies. It feels so nice to be home. Our buffet area in the kitchen is decorated with egg trees from Target, yellow bunnies from the Target $1 spot, and woven vine ducks with sweet gingham ribbons from PBKids. I’m a sucker for gingham.


There is a cute white bunny and green moss balls sitting on our living room end table.



 Two seashell eggs hide our apple tv cords on the tv console.


This huge leaf basket is filled with over-sized green eggs on our coffee table. The photo really doesn’t show its scale.


 There is a bronze bunny hanging out by the powder room sink.


 And two wooden bunnies sit near the refrigerator in the kitchen.


These white woven eggs were an addition to my Easter decor this year. I found them at HomeGoods. Can you tell I like natural texture?


And in Graham news…
He has been praying over his meals. It’s so cute. He says “dank doo Jeshus” (thank you, Jesus) and “aaahhmeh” (amen).


He’s getting better at using a spoon.


We made a difficult decision to take Graham out of Mother’s Day Out last week due to his sickness. He’s been sick almost every week since we started MDO and we just can’t take it anymore. I mean major sicknesses. I hate for him to go any longer being so sick. We know he really misses his teachers and friends and we know he was learning so much. We’ll probably send him back a few days a week when he’s older and out of the drooling stage. Hopefully older kids won’t spread so many germs. So now we get two extra days together. As you can see from his face, we’ve been painting and he’s been using my desk as a tunnel.


He loves to sit in my office and sing along to Pandora kid stations. He’s getting really good at his ABC’s.
This week we’ve already been 4 days straight without a runny nose. That’s a record for this year.
We’re ready for spring! And Easter!


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