Kitchen Tour + Waxed Soapstone Countertops


It’s fun for me to look back at our previous houses and see how we lived and the style of our decor.
I’m going to start to document our current house by room as I get them mostly decorated and moved in.
The most finished room in our new house is the kitchen, so I’ll start there.
I’ll put a source list at the bottom of this post in case you have any questions. I like when other people share their sources.
I’ll also ask Michael to help me add a house tour link somewhere in the right side navigation. hint hint


Last night I waxed our soapstone countertops for the first time.
I left them un-oiled or waxed for two months to see if we liked the natural light gray chalky look.
I loved the color of them un-waxed but they showed too many oil and water spots. It looked dirty even when it was clean.


I decided to wax instead of use mineral oil after I read this blog post from Joan (For the Love of a House blog)
about her soapstone experience. Here’s the paragraph that sold me on wax:

“Did you know mineral oil is a liquid by-product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline and other petroleum-based products from crude oil (per Wikipedia)??  It sounded so healthy and natural before you knew that, right?!  When I read that mineral oil is a “non-drying oil”, meaning that it does not evaporate, but instead it disappears from the surface of the stone by being picked up and transferred around the house I was a bit creeped out.”


I took this photo after half of our kitchen island had been waxed. See the water spots and rings near the sink?

I only have to apply the wax twice and then once a year after that.
I decided to use the soapstone wax that Joan recommended. It’s Real Milk Paint Co.’s Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax.
Soapstone sealer is made from all natural products and is not a petroleum product like mineral oil.
It is made from food grade Walnut Oil and T 1 Carnauba Wax Flakes.
There are no solvents added which means no VOCs or added fragrances.
I just rubbed it on with a cloth, let it sit for 15-30 minutes, then wiped it off.


 We love our deep black granite single basin sink! It rarely looks dirty and splotchy like our stainless steel sink did in our rental house.
The dark gray color blends well with our soapstone. I’m also happy with our faucet selection.
It has one handle to control hot and cold water and a separate hand sprayer on the right of the faucet.
We also have a button in the soapstone for our garbage disposal.


The middle drawer to the left of the sink holds our mixing bowls, measuring cups, salad spinner, and strainers.


The top drawer to the left of the sink holds our silverware and Graham’s adorable gingham utensils.


Our gas stove was a risky purchase but it has turned out to work great! We found it in the clearance section at Sears.
The stove had been returned unused. It made us nervous that we didn’t know if it had a problem but the price was too good to pass up.


We designed our kitchen so it wouldn’t have any corner cabinets.
I have really short arms and hate to look for lost items in the back corners of cabinets.
We added drawers in most of our lower cabinets. The drawers are so much easier to use than cabinets with doors.
If I was to build our kitchen again, I would put drawers in all of our lower cabinet areas
(except under the sink where the cabinet maker wouldn’t allow it).


The top drawer next the the stove holds more utensils.


The middle drawer next to the stove holds our pots.


The lower drawer next to stove holds our frying pans.


I love our Juliska Jardin du Monde dinnerware in the whitewash finish. I have a weakness for dishes.


Two Easter bunnies and a Juliska pitcher. I think this pitcher was my first Juliska purchase in 2010.


I’m happy we added this X pattern to the ends of the island. Graham likes to drive his matchbox cars down the “ramps”.


This flip down faux drawer in front of the sink hides our sponge and drain stopper.


Our microwave is hidden behind these cabinet doors. It’s nice having it out of view.
We also have a toaster in the cabinet above the microwave. You can see its electrical cord above the microwave.


We selected our refrigerator because it was lacking a huge ice maker in the refrigerator area.
We don’t use much ice and would rather have the space for food storage.


We designed the back side of our kitchen to act as a long buffet area for serving during parties.
I love to see lamps in kitchens so I’m glad we have an area for two on the buffet. Lamps give the room a more casual living vibe.
I’m happy we opted to forgo the upper cabinets over the buffet.


More Juliska. The small white Juliska bowl holds apple sauce caps that Graham uses to sort his colors.
The small wooden cup holds toothpicks.
I found this huge boxwood topiary at the grand opening of HomeGoods in Bentonville.


Another Juliska canister and my vine Easter ducks.


This might be my favorite junk drawer in the buffet side of the kitchen. It holds our batteries in a divided bamboo drawer organizer.


This drawer in the buffet area holds our plastic dishes that we use when eating outside on the deck.
They’re from Liberty of London for Target several years ago.


This lower drawer in the buffet area holds our bakers.


One of my favorite things about our kitchen is the view overlooking the treetops in our backyard.


Our white dogwood trees are beginning to bloom this week.


I enjoy the down-light these lanterns provide over our kitchen island in the evenings.
I often use them late at night when I’m up working on Timeless Paper and don’t want all of the bright recessed lights turned on.


Here’s a bird’s eye view of our soapstone countertops after I waxed them for the first time.


wall paint: ash by restoration hardware (subtle velvet finish)
baseboard paint: ash by restoration hardware (low gloss finish)
cabinet paint: westhighland white by sherwin williams (eggshell)
interior door paint: wrought iron by benjamin moore
cabinet knobs & pulls: dakota square collection from restoration hardware (soft iron finish)
island lights: stockholm pendants from restoration hardware (weathered zinc finish) (similar)
backsplash: white subway tile with a band of carrara marble
our dinnerware: juliska jardins du monde (whitewash)
countertops: soapstone
soapstone wax: real milk paint soapstone sealer
wood floors: white oak greystone
sink: black granite
sink faucet: delta victorian
large boxwood topiary: homegoods
wooden lamps: homegoods
two tiered fruit basket: homegoods (with a juliska oval bowl)
refrigerator: LG
stove: kenmore elite
dishwasher: bosch
bar stools with linen seat cushions: restoration hardware (counter height)
glass canisters for sugar, flour, & brown sugar: crate&barrel (similar)
pots and pans: anolon
wooden bunnies: homegoods
round wooden cutting board: john boos
utensils in crocks by the stove: anolon
white crocks by the stove: le creuset
clock by the stove: pottery barn
knife block: anolon
white square salt & pepper shakers: crate&barrel outlet
thermostat: nest
flatware: emerge by crate&barrel
graham’s gingham utensils: pbkids
white ceramic casserole bakers: crate&barrel (similar)
floral plastic dishes: liberty of london for target
bamboo drawer organizers: homegoods
green and white strainers: homegoods (similar)
measuring cups: oxo
white mixing bowls: oxo
salad spinner: oxo
most of our utensils in drawers: anolon
white butter dish: crate&barrel outlet


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23 thoughts on “Kitchen Tour + Waxed Soapstone Countertops

  1. Well… HI! I found your blog, quite by accident, and your ORGANIZED BATTERY DRAWER had me at HELLO! It’s probably because the batteries in my mouse died a few minutes ago, and I had to dig through a kitchen junk drawer that could probably be featured on an episode of “Hoarders” in order to find two double-A batteries… and then boom! I’m procrastinating right now by reading blogs, because the alternative is folding laundry, and here is YOUR kitchen junk drawer, organized where a girl could grab a couple of batteries with ease and never break a nail!

    Anyway… I’ve surfed around your website here for a bit, and your kitchen is lovely, but your photography skills are even lovelier. So… I just thought I’d leave a little note and let you know that I have Battery Drawer Envy over here… Have a merry Monday evening.

  2. Hi Emily,
    Came across your blog while researching backsplash ideas for our new home. I’m hardly ever compelled to leave comments on blogs but oh. my. gosh….your home is dreamy and everything I hope our new house will look like. I just picked up a pair of Restoration Hardware Benson Pendant lights for our island and now I’m inspired by all of the fabulous lighting you have in your home! Also, I think your absolutely fabulous for sourcing all your products!

    P.S. I’m also newly engage and will be married next Summer…your wedding invitations are beautiful! I’m going to be browsing your shop after I leave this comment!

  3. Oh my, yes your kitchen is just beautiful! Love everything you’ve done with it.

    I had to laugh though about the mineral oil. I didn’t know what your friend wrote about it, but have to say my grandmother who lived to 104 1/2 years took a tablespoon of mineral oil every night of her life. :)

    I can’t remember how I found you, but glad I did!

  4. Emily, your kitchen is beyond amazing! I could move right into your house and keep your kitchen exactly as it is without changing a thing (and that’s big coming from this picky girl :) I have soapstone countertop envy – would love to have those in my home someday!

  5. Soooo where do I start? I LOVE LOVE your kitchen. Good thing I am in the middle of building or it would totally inspire me. I had a granite kitchen sink in my last house and LOVED it, and will have one again. Love how organized everything is. We are going to have an open kitchen too, and I never thought about forgoing the upper cabinets in that area, but that is a great idea. So what do you think about the NEST system? Did you already have it before this house?

    1. Hi Brittany! Thank you! I’m loving our granite sink too. It’s my first time to have one. We brought our Nest with us from our previous house and really enjoy it. It’s nice to have it connected to our iPhones and it is so smart. I’d like to get a second one for our downstairs thermostat soon. Happy building!

  6. Hello Emily! Thank you again for opening your house to us! I just love looking through your beautiful photos! I have a million questions, but I don’t want to overwhelm you;) lol! But is there anyway you could share the square footage of your ranch? We are currently working with an architect and I’m struggling to visualize our space… thank you so much already for all the information you provide to your readers!

  7. Hello Again:) I noticed that the Stockholm Pendant are being discontinued and are on their ‘Final Sale’, so I was thinking of getting them; HOWEVER, yours look so different…did you weather them more by using a white wash or something? I like yours a lot more;)

    1. Hi Katie,
      I love our stockholm lights. They are some of my favorites in our house! No, I didn’t do anything to the finish. They have a chalky gray finish that the photos on RH aren’t showing well. Mine are in the weathered zinc finish.

  8. Hi! Newbie here from the Favorite room linkup. Your kitchen is gorgeous and so well-organized :)
    You just gained a new follower, just by showing off your beautiful kitchen!!

  9. Your kitchen is absolutely stunning! We are in the midst of a kitchen remodel right now and I’d love to know more about your countertops. How do they compare to granite? We have 4 young kids and I definitely need durable! But, I just love the way these look? How do they compare cost-wise? Thanks for your help!

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I love our soapstone countertops and would purchase them again if I moved. I’m sorry I don’t know how they compare to granite since I knew I wanted soapstone and didn’t research granite at all. I assume they are softer than granite because they do scratch. They aren’t polished and shiny like granite. They’re a matte finish. I just wax them and the scratches disappear. I love the patina they achieve as they age. I recommend reading the blog For the Love of a House. She talks about her soapstone experience in detail in several posts. Here’s a link to her kitchen post:

      Hope this helps!

  10. Oh my gosh what an absolutely gorgeous space. Is this real life?? I feel like I’m looking through a magazine right now!
    – Erin (No Bohns About It)

  11. Oh my word! I am swooning over your kitchen! I found you through the link up today and it is absolutely gorgeous. Interested in adopting a 36 year old gal? LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  12. is your back splash flat shiny subway tiles or are they beveled? What company are they?Is your grout white? Was it sealed? Your kitchen is a dream. I have a tiny galley kitchen I will be redoing.

    1. Hi Lin, They are flat shiny subway tiles from Lowes. I think they were like 22¢ each. Yes our grout is regular white from Lowes. I’m not sure if our tile installer sealed the grout. Thank you!

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