Christmas Home Tour


Welcome to my Christmas home tour!

I’m linking up with Andrea at the Momfessionals blog.


Here’s a closeup of our living room tree. This year I added hydrangea blooms from my front yard, driftwood garland, black palm fronds, neutral ornaments, and topped the tree with a driftwood star and corkscrew willow branches.



I used all gray, white, cream, and tan for our wrapping paper and used Timeless Paper butterflies for our gift tags.



I love seeing our four white stockings hanging on the mantel! It reminds me to be thankful for my 3 guys.





Our Willow Tree nativity sits under our TV.



I kept our kitchen Christmas decor simple with just two garlands of red balls and wooden snowflakes.



We keep Graham and Arden’s Christmas plates on this 3 tier stand on the kitchen island.



I decorated the boy’s table with red gingham stockings. Graham has a train and Arden has a plane.



My boys love Elf on the Shelf! (source: plates & place mats)


We keep a stack of Christmas books in the living room during the month of December for the boys.


I added this driftwood reindeer to our living room side table this year. Graham loves that his antlers have jingle bells!


This is our Thomas the Train corner. I topped the glass table with two little trees and decorated them with tiny white ornaments.


This is the first year I’ve decorated our stairway for Christmas. I love the glow of the Christmas lights on the railing.


The window in our stairway is full of bottle brush trees!

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Our Fall Decor


Happy Fall, Y’all!

Today I’m sharing our fall home decor. I typically stick to rustic and neutral colors with a few pops of burnt orange and red thrown in. I have a pumpkin addiction collection. I have a hard time passing up a pumpkin if it is made of natural materials like wood, vines, leaves, bark, etc.


For our dining table I layered a short horn table runner over a long burlap table runner. I topped the table runners with two large wooden pumpkins and a glass pedestal dish filled with red Indian corn and orange pumpinos.



burlap woven table runner: pottery barn (similar & similar)
horn & bead table runner: gift (similar)
driftwood pumpkins: homegoods (similar & similar)
glass pedestal dish: wedding gift (similar)
pumpino vase filler: terrain
indian corn: local orchard (similar)


I filled a large metal vine bowl with driftwood garlands and dyed gourds on our side table next to two oversized acorns in the living room. I found these dyed gourds at a craft fair in south Arkansas several years ago.



dyed gourds: craft fair (similar)
driftwood garland (similar & similar)
metal vine bowl: crate&barrel (similar)
round wooden table: pottery barn (similar)
glass lamp: pottery barn (similar)
burlap lamp shade: pottery barn (similar)
oversized acorns: homegoods (similar)


Graham & Arden’s little table is decorated for Fall with turkey chair backers and a few vine pumpkins.


turkey chair backers: pottery barn kids
white table: pottery barn kids (similar)
grey chairs: restoration hardware baby&child (similar)
vine pumpkins: homegoods (similar)



I added this pale green ceramic pumpkin to our kitchen countertop. I love the cutout design of this one.


canisters: juliska
salt & pepper shakers: juliska
lamp: homegoods (similar)green ceramic pumpkin: homegoods (similar)
countertop: soapstone
drawer hardware: restoration hardware


Our mantel is my favorite spot to decorate each season. This Fall I used two pre-lit vine pumpkins (we turn these on a night), two orange ceramic pumpkins, driftwood garlands, and faux red berries.


pre-lit vine pumpkins: homegoods (similar)
lidded ceramic pumpkins: target (similar)
driftwood garland (similar & similar)
faux red berry picks: hobby lobby (similar)
wooden mirror: restoration hardware
round bone frame: anthropologie (similar)
mantel: ebay (similar)
palm leaf sconces: arhaus (similar)


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Banana Leaf Sconces


Last weekend we took a day trip up to Kansas City and stopped by the new Arhaus store. Michael and I were both drawn to these two banana leaf sconces hanging on the wall. So they came home with us!


get the look:

1. salvaged wood mirror
2. banana leaf sconces
3. driftwood garland
4. round bone frame
5. faux succulents
6. Ash paint by Restoration Hardware
7. stone fireplace mantel


They are huge and the perfect size to fill the space above our fireplace mantel. It’s hard to get a size perspective from photos so here’s a photo of Arden and me in front of them last week before church. I’ve since redecorated the mantel but you can get an idea of size. I’m 5’3″ and our ceilings are 12′.


I also added some driftwood garlands and faux succulents for greenery to the mantel.


The silhouettes of my baby boys in the round bone frame is one of my favorite things so it will always have a special spot in our home.



While we’re on the topic of over-sized leaves… The elephant ears are in giant mode in our front yard this month. I cut a few of the smaller leaves to add a little tropical greenery to our kitchen.


The elephant ears in our front flower bed are at least a foot taller than me!


They dwarf Arden!


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Arden’s Boon Flair Highchair Review


Arden’s new high chair was delivered yesterday in the mail! He loves it! We chose the Boon Flair highchair in the white, gray, and orange color combination.

When Graham was about 6 months old I had my eye on this high chair but decided to go with the Babyhome Taste highchair due to it being a clean design, neutral color, and cheaper price. Being a first time mother, I didn’t realize there were a few features missing from the Babyhome highchair. It didn’t have wheels and it was at a fixed height. It’s just the right height so that it won’t fit next to our dining table if the tray is attached. Luckily we can use it without the tray and it makes the perfect booster seat for Graham (age 3). So when I saw that the Boon Flair highchair was on clearance at Walmart, I scooped it up for Arden (7 months old). It is currently marked down so if you need a highchair, go check this one out!


The Boon Flair has continuous height positioning with a pneumatic lift perfect for moving from the dining table height to the kitchen island bar stool height. The wheels under the base make it easy to roll around the kitchen so Arden can be a part of the action when we’re cooking.


Push this orange foot button for the chair to lift up or down.


One big selling feature for me was that the Boon highchair has no fabric or crevices for lost food. It will be easy to wipe this chair down after each meal.


Arden approves!


The orange tray cover is dishwasher safe and the soft orange seat pad is removable.




Push this gray brake pedal with your foot to lock the wheels in place.


To remove the tray, easily push the orange tab on the underside of the tray to one side and pull. The tray has two settings to expand as Arden grows.

I like that Arden can sit in the chair without the straps and still not slide out due to this white plastic leg divider. Graham’s Babyhome highchair doesn’t have this feature so we always felt rushed to buckle him for security. The five point harness on the Boon Flair highchair is very easy to adjust the straps, clip the straps into the central button, and the button is a smooth release when Arden is finished with his meal.

boon_flair_highchair_colorsI made y’all this graphic to show that the Boon Flair pedestal highchair color options are orange, green, pink, or blue with the option of a white or gray seat. You can purchase a brown or white seat pad on Amazon if these colors don’t fit your decor. (I considered that, but decided I could live with the orange for now.) The orange is a gender neutral color (in my opinion) that will work just fine if we happen to have another baby one day and she happens to be a girl. We give this highchair an A+.

FTC disclaimer: I purchased this highchair with my own money and am not being compensated for this review by Boon. I just really love this highchair and these are my honest thoughts. This post contains affiliate links.


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What’s Up Wednesday


What we’re eating this week…

Michael and I are doing the Ketogenic diet where we eat low carb and high fat foods. Here are a few typical things I eat on Keto:

I eat 5 strips of bacon every morning for breakfast.

I typically eat a handful of pecans and a pepper jack cheese stick for lunch.


We usually cook some type of meat for dinner like this Hormel Taco Meats Shredded Beef. We usually do cheese and taco style toppings. We pretend we’re eating tacos minus the rice, beans, and taco shell.




I drink water or Powerade Zero (0 calories) if I’m having a sweet craving.


What I’m reminiscing about…


Yesterday, (for the first time) Arden sat up in the front of the shopping buggy while grocery shopping. Just a few weeks ago we took our first trip to Target with two boys in the buggy. I will have a ton more space for shopping now but I’m a little sad my babies are growing up so fast.


What I’m loving…


This week I found these two tortoise shell hair clips in the checkout line at Old Navy. One is a large claw style and one is a bow that is very Kate Spade-ish. It also reminds me of the tortoise shell bow barrette I spotted at J.Crew not too long ago. They are much less orange in person and more of a tan and black pattern. I was excited to find them for such a good deal!

What we’ve been up to…


Saturday we took a little road trip to Blanchard Springs, Arkansas. Graham had a blast exploring the moss covered bluffs and climbing rocks to see the gorgeous waterfall pouring out of the cavern. We took the boys for a swim in the river but skipped the beautiful cavern this trip due to their young ages. One of my favorite camping memories is from this spot when I was a kid. It’s so fun to bring my family to places I enjoyed many years ago.




The water is freezing!


What I’m watching…

Lately I’ve been watching YouTube instead of Netflix, Hulu, or regular TV (except for the Bachelorette!). I’m on a mission to look better this year so I’ve been watching YouTube makeup tutorials. I’m subscribed to a bunch of channels but if these girls post a new video, I usually watch it. Who are your favorite YouTubers? Here are a few of my favorite YouTubers:

Ingrid Nilsen


Amelia Liana


What I’m wearing…


1. sweater    /    2. earrings    /    3. leggings    /    4. perfume    /    5.  sandals

My favorite outfit this week has been this linen box sweater by Eileen Fisher (on sale now!) paired with the most comfortable white leggings by Hue (also on sale now!). I found that Hue makes leggings in a ‘skimmer’ length and they hit me perfectly with my 5’3″ height and short legs. I also love that they don’t stretch out during the day and they are a light enough weight to be cool but thick enough not to be see-through. I wear them with my white Kendra Scott earrings and silver metallic Tory Burch miller sandals. My favorite summer scent is ‘Live Colorfully’ by Kate Spade from my mom for my birthday.

That’s all the time I have for the questions this today! Thanks for visiting!


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My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Delivery!


Michael surprised me with a pair of the tall back zip Hunter boots from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I was so excited when the box was delivered this weekend! Hunter boots have been on my wish list for a very long time but I’ve been battling wide calves. Finally my calves are down to a size where boots aren’t impossible anymore! I’m so thankful these boots have a back zipper because it makes them so easy to get on. I tried them on over a pair of leggings and they fit perfectly! I highly recommend these if you’ve been wanting a pair of Hunters and since they’re such a good price for the style with zippers. I’m impressed with the accordion panel under the zipper that will keep the boots waterproof even with a zipper. They come in a short style with zippers too!


My hunter boot box!
(Y’all know how important paper and packaging are to me.)


Trying on my boots!




tall back zip Hunter boots

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